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New Youtube Channel by S-Seith New Youtube Channel by S-Seith
I enventually opened a new youtube Channel : Seith Cosplay Productions. 

When we started doing videos, it was mainly for fun, with what we had at hands. The results were at first "bad", then "not that bad" and now I think we do pretty cool things. 
We gathered a pretty nice group, working on projects like Watch_Dogs, Musterbrand, Memorias Charta. 
All the cosplay videos will be posted there, and all event reporting and things like that will be posted on the old one. I'm not ashamed of the first videos I did and you will find them on SCP. 

The new one :
The old one :

About the demo reel thing... It is NOT about showing off or whatever. People liked the costumes during those cons, so we put part of those videos inside the reel. Cosplay is sometimes better seen than Booth Babes during cons, and that's what we wanted to show. 

I'm sure some people will take this opportunity to hate, so go on and hate, but don't forget to share the videos to your friends :) .
Trujin Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Oeh I'm going to check this out. Btw, your links are broken, needed to manually look you up.

And haha booth babes. Even at car shows I didn't like them XD.
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